About us


Smart Home Security Made Easy


Back in 2013, SANNCE started the journey of providing professional security systems. Today, SANNCE® has broadened the lineup with small appliances, outdoor gear, and auto accessories... And more. The "MORE" is providing the best customer experience and service that are central to sustainability - this is not an afterthought, but one of our mission.

What We Do

At SANNCE®, we balance our offerings that are right for customers' sense of security, convenience, and happiness with those that are good for the planet. It's a delicate balance that we choose to reduce our carbon footprint, use eco-friendly materials and make products that are built to last.
Our aspiration is that in the future, people will not associate us solely with security camera sales. Instead, they will recognize us as a service company that just happens to offer _______.

How We Serve

You can find our products available in online retailers on Amazon, Ebay, Walmart, Newegg and other platforms; as well as our website: www.sannce.co.uk.

With local offices and service centers in US, the UK, Germany, Australia, etc.,

SANNCE® can offer you with the best-in-class and immediate after-sales service and technical support.